About Me

My name is Michael Ellis. I live in Pennsylvania, USA with my lovely wife, Stephanie, and the greatest dog I have ever met, Waldo. They're both rock solid awesome.

I have been passionate about web design and development ever since I made my first site 15 years ago. It's a constantly evolving industry and has only grown more complex over the years. I love learning all I can about the process.

I spend a significant amount of my non-working hours reading and learning about topics from design and development, to leadership and business, to psychology and people. My work touches all of these areas and I'm intensely focused on increasing my knowledge in all of them.

I care about working on a team that is as dedicated and passionate as I am. I enjoy sharing what I am learning with others with the hope that it improves the collective output of us all. I believe in helping others to be better at their job. I care about their development as much as my own. I don't believe others have to lose in order for me to win.