Pull To Refresh

July 27, 2013

Let’s face it. We’re addicted. We can’t get enough of new content. New tweets, new shots, new posts. We will take intentional steps to increase the frequency of new content when we feel we’re not getting enough.

It’s like that AT&T commercial — ”If you really like something, you’ll want more of it. We want more, We want more, Like, deep breath you really like it, ya want more.”

I think it’s a result of a couple of mindsets:

The Hustle

This mindset is fairly simple to understand. It derives from a common bond amongst many of us. We blur the lines between career and hobby. Always thinking. Always moving on something.

And as much as we work to output awesome things we require an equal amount of input. It’s the caffeine to our creativity. Stay connected. Stay inspired.

Knowledge Consumption

Many first-world citizens are pretty materialistic. The underlying issue there being consumption. We like to acquire more and more things. The difference here is that we’re in the Information Age and so we’re all trying to consume more knowledge and at a faster rate than ever before. It stands to reason that the more you consume the more knowledge you can acquire. So read up and be smart, if that’s your thing.

Distraction from Reality

This last one feels more serious. I also believe it is more prevalent than we’d like to admit. It gives us something to escape to. An opportunity to flee from reality. Life is tough. Work is difficult. We play ninjas and rock stars on the Internet but probably have some shortcomings we’re hiding from.

We might spend hours at night thumbing through brief messages of strangers sent out into the abyss to no one in particular. That’s crazy is it not? We do that instead of conversing with our spouses or spending time with our kids, or enjoying the world outside.

God forbid we miss what someone else across the country or across the world might be sharing, all the while missing what is happening across the room.