Being Your Best Self

November 12, 2012

As some of you might know, last week America voted on who they wanted to lead the country for the following four years. As is often the case each time we go through this process many of us become political experts with deeply passionate beliefs. It’s tough not to when television and social media is flooded with campaign ads and it’s all anyone talks about. I’ve been guilty myself although I tried my best to stay neutral.

I paid attention to the conversations among friends and colleagues on twitter leading up to and through election night. I wasn’t surprised that most had strong opinions for or against one of the candidates, but rather how much of their future they seemingly put in the hands of these men. I know the President obviously has the ability to lead change (which was why he was elected afterall) but your future is your responsibility and no one, not even the President, should have that power over you.

A lot will change between now and 2016 for me. By the time we go through this process again I’ll be 30, most likely will have a kid or one one the way, and hopefully doing some really awesome things in our industry. None of those things will change because of who is leading this country. It’s important to understand that. That is true for me and that is true for you.

I know these next four years are going to be my best yet because I’m going to work hard enough and smart enough to make it so. I have a lot of respect for those who take control of their lives and careers and don’t rely on someone else to make things happen for them. I lose some respect for those who take the opposite approach.

Remember that you are responsible for your life and no one else. If you put your future in someone else’s hands then you deserve what you get and you have no right to complain. I’m speaking to myself here as well and won’t apologize for being blunt. This is how life works and you don’t get anywhere sitting on the sidelines. So get out there and be your best self.